Ove K. Invests A/S was founded by Kraks Fond and manages the foundation’s commercial activities. The company is an active investor in small-scale commercial enterprises and invests both on its own and together with other investors. In addition, the company also invests in relevant real estate and equity portfolios.

The active commercial investments are made in established small-scale companies where there is the possibility of management-level involvement in addition to injecting capital – the involvement is typically at the board level. Ove K. Invest has a long-term perspective on its investments, but, if relevant, it also works with the owners when it comes to exit opportunities.

For additional information, please contact Allan C. Bülow via ab@kraksfond.dk.

Inrotech has created new standards for welding and automation technology of the future throughout the world. Some of our business areas: Intelligent robots – simple and intuitive operator control – no need for technical backups – easy installation and implementation.

Homemate’s ten stores produce a new kind of takeaway – food that is almost ready to eat – with healthy dishes of high quality. A new way of thinking about dinner – where all the preparatory work has been done.

Greystone invests in companies that are facing challenges of a financial, managerial or quite unique nature. Greystone’s primary focus is on Danish companies.

The purpose of this company is to develop, administer and divest investments in development projects related to residential properties in the Greater Copenhagen area via direct or indirect ownership stakes.

The company is mainly seeking to invest in well-situated and well-managed shopping centres and will carefully monitor its investments to optimise operating income.

This company operates in the real estate sector with investments in local shopping centres, town square settings and real estate groups such as, for example, the city centre of Herlev.

This company primarily invests in logistics real estate and residential real estate, including student housing and homes for the elderly that have an innovative twist.

Flex Funding provides loan-based crowdfunding – a marketplace for professional and private investors. Investing in Danish companies via Flex Funding is an alternative investment opportunity with fixed returns, manageable time horizons and relatively low risk.

Via the crowdfunding platform Flex Funding A/S, Exact Flex Invest invests in providing loans to credit-worthy Danish companies and thereby promotes the opportunities for creating jobs. The platform streamlines the process for both the lender and borrower. Investors get attractive returns, and the borrowers, Danish companies, are offered lower interest rates.

Core Leasing A/S offers first-class services for flexible leasing of unique cars to both companies and private individuals. Core Leasing A/S was founded together with Kim Gruhl, who is now the CEO, and a well-known pioneer and extremely experienced player in this industry.

MenuPay is a restaurant programme for employees working in businesses. The programme ensures that the employees will get discounts of between 10-30% in more than 200 restaurants that have signed up for MenuPay, ranging from the best restaurants to small cafés. MenuPay can be used by both companies and private individuals.