The directory

The directory’s history
Hans Holck (1726-1783) was a Danish publisher and philanthropist. After completing his apprenticeship as a shopkeeper, he arrived in Copenhagen where, together with a partner, he opened an address office in 1759 which published ‘Addresseavisen’ (The Address Newspaper). Holck was a diligent publisher, and among other things, he founded Københavns Politiske Vejviser (Copenhagen’s Political Directory) in 1770. After Hans Holck’s death in 1779, the directory continued under the management of several different publishers and the directory’s name changed several times. One of the city’s leading ombudsmen, city surveyor Elias Christian Thorvald Krak (1830-1908) took over and modernised the directory and changed its name to Kraks Vejviser (Krak’s Directory).

Hans Holck set the course
In 1995, Kraks Forlag published the anniversary book “Kraks Vejviser gennem 225 år” (Krak’s Directory over 225 years”). The book’s authors were M.phil. in history Holger Dyrbye and M.phil. in history Jørgen Thomsen. The 336-page book describes the time before the internet had its breakthrough and Krak decided to set up

Copenhagen Main Library
Since 2006, Copenhagen Main Library has worked towards digitalising Kjøbenhavns Vejviser/Kraks Vejviser (Krak’s Directory) from 1770-1969. With support from Kraks Fond, people are working on scanning all editions of the directory up to 2007 which was the last year the directory was published. The project is expected to be completed in mid-2018. The information contained in the directories’ individual and name registers is of great importance to genealogists and others with an interest in history, and the information is relevant to the entire country. The library’s statistics reveal that there is also interest in the directories from people living outside of Copenhagen.