Kraks Fond’s Articles of Association
Kraks Fond is a commercial foundation which, based on the foundation’s articles of association, works towards promoting the best interests of Danish commerce and industry among other things. This is done via investments in commercial enterprises and by providing support, cf. our charter.

Kraks Fond can also distribute support to relatives of Else and Ove Krak, former employees of Kraks Forlag A/S and their widows, widows of doctors who are in financial distress, and other purposes of societal utility that the governing board deems fit to support.

Investments in commercial enterprises
Kraks Fond invests in commercial enterprises that are established and have opportunities for growth.

Growth and development are stimulated in two ways:

  • Kraks Fond adds capital via an investment as a minority shareholder.
  • Kraks Fond provides management-level advice via active participation in the company’s board of directors.